Transform your pmo

Counterpart Insight is your governance partner. Get the oversight and control required to ensure that high-quality programs are delivered to your business stakeholders.

One place for everything


Wouldn’t it be great if the entire lifecycle of every project in your programs could be managed in one place? Let’s not forget giving you a portfolio-wide view of resource requirements, risks, and reporting, not to mention any issues that might come up. 

Oversight & control

Counterpart Insight helps you standardise and simplify processes easily, to ensure quality and consistency. Help your inexperienced PMs with a wizard that you configure. Propagate use of best practice document templates and processes by mandating their use with Counterpart Insight.


Counterpart Insight offers portfolio and program level filterable reporting widgets and in-dash views. These dynamically allow program managers and key stakeholders to dynamically review reports and indicators for project status. Busy executives can also be sent ‘one-page’ pdf exports of the key information at the click of a button.

Simplify Governance

Efficient risk management across all programs

Wouldn’t it be great to give risk teams and dedicated risk managers the ability to monitor and review or even take ownership of ongoing risks within the programs that you govern. Counterpart Insight makes it easy for all, with dedicated dashboards for reviewing risks and also project issues.

Manage program wide resources effortlessly

Use Counterpart Insight to quickly eradicate sponsor v sponsor and PM v PM squabbles where a finite resource means a decision needs to be made to prioritize one project over another. Use our life changing resource planning tools and KanBan functionality.

Control your resources, control your pipeline

Plan your resource utilisation and pipeline accurately. Give your HR and recruitment managers Counterpart Insight dashboard access or reports, giving them the information they need to accurately plan mid and long term staff retention.

Real time reporting

With dynamic, real reports and dashboards, essential project information in a common data source, and streamlined, consistent methodology and governance, Counterpart Insight provides you with the essential tools you need to achieve optimum results.

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