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How can we help you?

Counterpart Insight is designed to help organisations wanting a streamlined PPM reporting system. It contains all the project essentials: structured start-up, intuitive planning tools, rich collaboration, powerful reporting and dashboards, and customizable project controls.  What sets Counterpart Insight apart from the complexities and the high cost of a full-blown EPM (Enterprise Project Management) system is its simplicity, its low implementation costs and ease of understanding.

Everything you need to make the right decisions, in one place.

You want to make the right choices about where to deploy your resources, and you want to capture and track information on almost everything so you can accurately gauge upcoming requirements, and do it all in the most cost-effective way.

Receive greater Insights and improve your return on investments

As an executive, no doubt you would like dynamic, real-time reports without having to deep dive into a project at any point along its timeline, as well as a detailed view of any relevant risks, KPIs and comparable metrics. Above all, you would like to see demonstrable ROI and real business value.

Real-time reporting

Easy to digest real time project reporting, for all levels of stakeholder. Fully customisable and ready in an instant.

Built to be used easily

Simple to update in minutes, not hours, leaving your team the time to focus on Project delivery.

Detailed tracking

Our single repository makes it easy to store project information of all types. You can efficiently track the status of all project resources, budgets, tasks and KPI’s.


Improve ROI with better Insight and increased confidence in your decision making. 

Projects Managers

Don’t be owned by your administration and paperwork. Give it to Counterpart Insight and get your life back.


Let Counterpart Insight be your governance and standards partner.

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