Optimising resources for Cymbalstream

Cymbalstream is a UK IT infrastructure consultancy managing multiple simultaneous client projects involving hardware and third-party services. By manually coordinating resources across projects, Cymbalstream struggled with resource allocation and project oversight of managed service provider transactions. Using Counterpart Insights’ integrated planning and scheduling tools, Cymbalstream gained visibility into individual resource availability against project timelines. Dynamic timesheets also enabled real-time project progress tracking. With portfolio-wide metrics and KPIs delivering actionable intelligence, Cymbalstream increased work efficiency and productivity. The platform’s centralised resource and project coordination capabilities empowered better strategic decision making to enable Cymbalstream’s business growth objectives. Overall, Counterpart Insights brought

Helping JTC improve business efficiency and grow the business

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JTC is a UK-based property consultancy advising landlords and tenants on commercial leases and negotiations. By manually managing multiple projects across teams in Excel, JTC struggled with resource allocation and missed deadlines. Using Counterpart Insights’ centralised project planning and reporting tools, JTC gained cross-team visibility enabling on-time delivery. The platform’s timeline scheduling, milestone tracking, risk identification and resource optimisation features improved efficiency and productivity. With newfound data-driven insights into successful project delivery, JTC can now better concentrate resources on core business growth. Overall Counterpart Insights brought consistency, transparency and productivity to JTC’s commercial property project delivery.

London Tech Week 2023 – Save The Date

We are so thrilled to be exhibiting at @London Tech Week from June 12th to 14th at the QE11Centre for its 10th anniversary. We are looking forward to meeting professionals from various fields to learn and discuss the latest advancements in technology. So, don’t delay, diarise and book this upcoming event. We will be showcasing […]

Project Management Software Trends for the Future

Projects are a key part of every business. Your success often depends on how well you manage them, which means using project management software. But are companies really getting the most out of their technology? With so many options and features, finding a platform that fits your needs can be overwhelming. Changing dynamics in work […]

The benefits of integrating document management

Companies in the modern digital environment integrate document management with other business tools to make informed business decisions. Managing your documents allows you to collect, store, and protect your company’s data for significant insights. You can use software to store and manage all your organisation’s data in one place. This helps you to quickly obtain […]

What is the role of Risk Management in agile Project Management?

What is the role of Risk Management in agile Project Management? Risk management is an essential component of agile project management. Agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, prioritise flexibility and adaptability, and as a result, risk management is an ongoing process that is integrated into the project management cycle. By identifying risks early on, […]

Save the date – Project Challenge Spring 2023

We are so excited to be exhibiting at Project Challenge 2023 So, don’t delay, diarise and book this upcoming event. We will be showcasing our intuitive Work Management Platform. Take advantage of our unique promotion, exclusively available to delegates of the shows and a fantastic prize draw on the day. Visit us at stand #72 […]

41 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2023 by LinkedIn

2022 was not a year for the faint of heart. We welcomed an easing of pandemic restrictions in many parts of the world but were quickly hit by record inflation, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and repeated reminders that the consequences of climate change aren’t coming, they’re already here. The past year also made clear how the global community can band together, with new commitments and pacts to […]