Bringing standardisation to business process for Convedo



Convedo is an independent company that specialises in Intelligent Automation services. They offer tailor-made solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management, and Robotic Process Management.

By automating processes, Convedo’s solutions help businesses reduce costs and drive better results. Their expertise helps businesses streamline their operations and focus on growth.


Convedo struggled to have clear visibility into upcoming projects, new opportunities, and skills needed to support future work. They needed improved systems to track real-time work, forecast future demands, and align skills.


To be able to meet the key requirements, we needed to understand how the client currently worked and how they managed projects. By sitting with key stakeholders involved we were able to map out their processes prior to the deployment commencing. After a few workshop sessions mapping out key workflow and processes, our team configured the basic elements that allowed the client to start working within the Counterpart Insight™ system. This went hand in hand with role specific training sessions for each team member within the client’s organisation. Even before the system was fully deployed the IT team was able to utilise the system to begin managing projects. As part of the deployment process, we were also able to identify and address the client’s “wish” for a custom feature. The client’s criteria for the new feature was the ability to assess and analyse the feasibility of projects during the concept phase. Thanks to the architecture of Counterpart Insight, we were able to develop and deploy this new enhanced assessment feature quickly and easily

Outcome/ Benefits

Convedo has achieved enhanced visibility and control across its delivery and sales operations by deploying Counterpart’s customisable management solution. The new system facilitates real-time tracking of all ongoing work and provides forecasts of future projects and pipeline opportunities.

With consistent and flexible reports that span simple to highly complex tasks, managers now have access to better tools to align staff skills with work demands, improving Convedo’s ability to handle surging projects and opportunities. The leadership team can promptly identify and fill any competency gaps as they arise.

The automated dashboards provide invaluable data that informs strategic decision-making around resourcing, hiring, and workforce planning. The unified system replaces multiple disjointed tracking methods that had previously made holistic visibility challenging.

Through superior transparency into current and projected work, Convedo can take a proactive approach to managing its dynamic business, positioning the company for continued success and growth as an intelligent automation provider. The Counterpart solution delivers value by transforming disjointed data into actionable insights.


“I was also particularly impressed by the way that standardisation and best practices could be encapsulated in the templates and defaults that the product offers behind the scenes.” Glyn Roberts – Convedo