Stepping into the Corporate World

Counterpart, a start-up software company which is going through an expansion was able to benefit from the Government Kickstart programme and offer Kian his very first role as a ‘’PMO Analyst’’. Let’s see what Kian had to say about his first few days into the corporate world. After finishing my course and getting the grades […]

Business Transformation in current times

By Greg Enenmoh – Head of Professional Services at Counterpart The word ‘Transformation’ is used often with good reason. From the birth of the universe and throughout our lifetimes everything around us has always been in constant flux.

What is Project Governance?

Project governance has lately been given considerable attention among scholars and practitioners discussing various theories, their limitations in respect to one another, and their interchangeability.

The life of a Project Mangler

I spent the whole morning in the weekly project board meeting with senior stakeholders. Mostly looking disinterested. Other project managers shuffle reams of paper and others fuss to connect their laptops to the projector to present their projects.