What is an effective Project Governance system?

Why is Project Governance so important to a business? What is Project Governance? The term governance was derived from the Latin word “gubernare” which means to steer highlighting the dynamic mechanism in front of an everchanging environment. However, Project Governance is defined differently across industries and enterprises. The Association of Project Management (APM) states that […]

The benefits of creating a strategic plan

How important is it to create a strategic plan for your business? Strategic management is the process of managing a business to achieve a defined set of goals. In contrast to operational management, which focuses on the day-to-day operations of a business, strategic management focuses on long-term goals and planning for the future success of […]

Does your company struggle with Reporting and KPIs?

Below we have identified four common problems and how to solve them. Firstly, what are Key Performance Indicators in business management? Key Performance Indicators or KPIs as they are more commonly known are a way of measuring how well the business is meeting its objectives. In other words, KPIs provide organisations with the means of […]

Do you struggle with Project Budgets and Financial Management?

Does your company struggle with the financial management of strategic initiatives and projects? Below we have identified four common problems and how to solve them. 1. Recording Transactions Accurately Managing corporate finances requires accurate record-keeping, which companies may find challenging. Without correct financial data, management may be unable to stay on track with long term […]