Counterpart is an intuitive Work Management platform with optimised budget tracking and reporting tools to help your business stay on track.

Work Management Solution for a CFO

Having an intuitive and efficient Work Management Solution can help structure and drive business strategy to focus on your organisation’s most important initiatives.

As a steward for your organisation’s financial portfolio and assets, many CFO’s also act as strategic advisors to the CEO and play a key role in setting actionable goals.

Proving Business Value

Portfolio Budget Management is a tool that helps you track monthly actuals against budget so you can tightly manage your financial performance and ensure your business stays on track. You are also able to see a real-time overview of your financial health in the business budget overview dashboard, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

Evaluate Strategic Alignment

Quickly evaluate project performance across your whole portfolio. Clear and concise reports provide real-time visibility on potential risks and overall quality of your initiatives, helping you define the overall success of your organisation’s strategies.

Explore other roles

Counterpart is a Work Management platform designed to meet the needs of different roles within your organisation. Explore how our solution benefits the various roles in your industry.