Counterpart GDPR Assessment Tool™

Helping You to Ensure Your Organisation’s Compliance

Ensure your organisation is GDPR compliant. Save time, money and energy by using our unique Counterpart GDPR Assessment Tool™. We will help you understand your position in terms of GDPR and pave the way for minimal disruption in your company whilst you become GDPR compliant.


Are You GDPR Compliant?

  • Do you fully understand what GDPR is, and what it means for your organisation?
  • Does your organisation comply with all of the GDPR principles?
  • Do you want to avoid penalties for non-compliance?
  • Do you lack resources to monitor and manage your GDPR compliance status?
  • Are you aware of the consequences of non-compliance?
  • Do you even know where to start?

Counterpart’s GDPR Tool Can Help You!

We have built an online GDPR Assessment Tool™ to assess the extent of your organisation’s conformity to GDPR. Our tool will help you understand your position in terms of GDPR – saving you cost, time and disruption.

Our GDPR Assessment Tool™ provides you with a detailed report that indicates your level of compliance, and what actions you need to perform in order to reduce any risk of data breaches within your organisation.

Easy to deploy and use

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Easily assess your GDPR status

Start and complete a comprehensive assessment in minutes with our easy online step by step GDPR Assessment Tool™.


Share reports and review online

Easily share regular assessment status reports with your Leadership Team, Business Governance, Risk Management and Stakeholders. 


Advanced dashboards

Benefit from reporting with GAP analysis’, charting the progression towards fuller GDPR compliance status with clear insight into deficient areas. 


Choose The EditionThat’s

Best For you

We offer Single, Monthly, Annual and Enterprise Editions so that you can assess your organisation’s GDPR compliance status easily. Our Monthly Edition is our best seller and allows you to budget easily.

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Non-Compliance – What Are The Consequences?

You could be exposed to the risk of paying significant fines which potentially could be catastrophic for your organisation. The consequences of non-compliance are in fact very serious, and the penalties for non-compliance range from warnings to multi-million Pound fines.
…With Counterpart’s GDPR Assessment Tool™ you can avoid penalties and fines of up to £20 million or 4% of annual revenue. Click here for a demo video on how our GDPR tool works!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

At Counterpart, we want to enable you to work smarter, and you can with our online GDPR Assessment Tool™

So… the big question is:

What’s YOUR GDPR compliance status?