Healthcare is an ever-changing environment and significant organisational changes can be very challenging; assessment, planning, implementation and reporting are key factors needed for any organisation to reach its goals

Assessing & Reporting

Counterpart provides real-time reporting on all of your projects and initiatives. Our Risk Management dashboards enable you to see at a glance potential issues within your initiatives. Therefore, allowing you to develop a more effective and adaptable strategy.

Planning & Resource Management

Strategic planning is a key factor in reaching your goals; Counterparts enables you to easily map your projects with structured timelines and key milestones. Easily assign tasks and manage your resources with our visual planner.

Cost Management

Counterpart offers you a streamlined way to track and measure budgets and costs of all your initiatives and projects. Our configurable dashboards provide up to date financial information on your organisations ongoing and future projects or initiatives.

Change Management

Many healthcare organisations are increasingly finding the need to change the way their services are delivered. Developing a concrete change management strategy that will help your organisation improve productivity, increase growth and add value.

Counterpart can support your organisation through its transformation journey with easy-to-use tools that enable advanced planning, resource management, collaboration and real-time reporting.

Governance & Security

Counterpart gives you control of your project governance and security. Create and re-use a library of proven project templates with flexible project routing through configurable approval rules. Establish alternate workflows, to suit your project size and complexity.

Our secure platform is ISO & SOC Compliant, and all data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Counterpart Insight allows you to define access using role-based security. We can also integrate with Active Directory for single sign-on*.

*Active Directory integration & single sign-on available upon request.

Explore roles

Counterpart is a Work Management platform designed to meet the needs of different roles within your organisation. Explore how our solution benefits the various roles in your industry.