Helping JTC improve business efficiency and grow the business



JTC is a property company that provides lease advisory and strategic advice in the commercial property market. The company acts for both landlords and tenants, providing all aspects regarding leases and entering into negotiations.


JTC has to manage multiple projects simultaneously and works with a number of associates on these projects. These projects are managed manually on excel spreadsheets. They constantly have challenges with resource and time management. The lack of reporting tools, also mean they are not always able to deliver all the projects on time.


Our consultants conducted an in-depth study of their projects and systems and by using Counterpart Insights, several initiatives were established in order to improve efficiency and save the organisation time and money.

Outcome/ Benefits

By using Counterpart Insight, JTC property were able to improve efficiency and save time and money and concentrate on growing their business. Our platform enabled them to easily plan their projects with clear time lines and key milestones. It ensured the teams were connected and could readily collaborate to identify and respond to project risks and allocate the appropriate resources. Our reporting tools also provided valuable insights into the many variables contributing to the successful delivery of these initiatives.