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Counterpart Insight™ enables you to visualise the big picture and understand all the elements that bring a project together to achieve your goals.

Counterpart Insight™ offers simplicity, low implementation cost, and ease of use. We’ve designed Counterpart Insight™ for those that need a streamlined reporting solution. Offering all the project essentials: structured start-up, intuitive planning tools, rich collaboration, powerful reporting, dashboards, and customisable project workflow controls.


Governance & Security

Counterpart Insight™ gives you control of your project governance and security. Establish alternate workflows appropriate to project size and complexity with flexible project routing utilising configurable approval rules. Create and mandate your own library of proven project templates.

Our secure platform is ISO & SOC Compliant and all data encrypted in transit and at rest. Insight™ allows you to define access using role-based security. We can also integrate with Active Directory for single sign on*.

*Active Directory integration & single sign-on available upon request.


Collaboration within an organisation can be a struggle. Especially now that more of us are working remotely. Counterpart Insight™ enables you to stay on track with clear customisable dashboards that provide real-time updates of all your initiatives. By having effective collaboration, you can establish realistic expectations, clarify goals, reward innovation, and celebrate the team’s successes publicly.

Reporting Dashboards
Resource Management

Efficient time & task management

Find the right resource at the right time, schedule tasks according to your plan and track your project initiatives from beginning to end. Counterpart Insight™ provides intuitive tools to help you optimise the time spent planning, tracking and reporting on all of your projects, with dynamic Kanban boards, real-time communication and integrated timesheets.

Find your resources, assign tasks and track progress with clear dashboards or use our intuitive Kanban boards to plan, review and manage current and upcoming tasks across initiatives.

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Counterpart Insight™ is a Work Management platform designed to meet the needs of different roles within your organisation. Explore how our solution benefits the various roles in your industry.


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