Enhance Efficiency and Unify Initiatives

Counterpart Insight empowers your business to reach its goals by optimizing operations, improving efficiency, driving productivity, and saving money.

Insight helps streamline and unify your organization’s initiatives and optimize resources in real time. This includes transparent reporting, resource management, budget tracking, project management, and task management. Counterpart offers improved collaborations across multiple teams and projects.



Low cost

Easy to use

Key features

Resource Management

Optimize your resource and time management processes with our powerful resource tracking and intelligent resource scheduling.

Program & Portfolio Management

Achieve your business goals by leveraging Program & Portfolio Management tools such as Visual Kanban planning, Risk and Issue Management, Pipeline planner, and Configurable project methodologies.

Project Management

Streamline your projects and boost productivity with Insight. Centralize tasks, documents, and communication to keep everyone aligned and deliver projects on time.

Goal Management

Manage your goals more effectively with our work management platform. Identify KPIs and assess metrics for goals with our configurable dashboards and get a quick overview of the status of your goals.

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