A survey by consulting giant McKinsey & Co. found that nearly 60 percent of senior executives said building a strong project management discipline is a top-three priority for their companies as they look to the future.


McKinsey & Co. Results based on a survey of 1,440 senior executives.

Group of Innovative People

Here at Counterpart, we believe in the vital importance for businesses to deliver effective programs

and projects, so we developed an innovative solution that can allow executives, program

management offices and project managers to each utilize it in a way that meets their critical objectives.






 Meet some members of our global team who share a passion for disrupting the way projects are managed and enabling them to deliver demonstrable value to their executive stakeholders. With many decades of collective experience, these outstanding professionals come from successful backgrounds with a number of global organizations.

Paul Ghent

Sales & Marketing

Paul joined Counterpart in early 2018 to develop and drive its sales and marketing strategies and efforts. Having spent most of the last decade in consulting to global organizations and working with startups, Paul previously worked for many years in senior sales and management roles in global companies including Cable & Wireless, BT Global, Siemens, Samsung, HTC and Palm.​

Michael Rogers

Product Strategy

Michael co-founded Counterpart in 2017 to develop and market an innovative and disruptive approach to managing projects and initiatives. Michael has over 25 years of experience in senior IT leadership roles with technology leaders such as Crystal Decisions and Business Objects.​


Greg Enenmoh

Professional Services

Greg joined Counterpart with 20+ years of consulting experience and a proven record in advising international Corporations on Strategic Business Change across geographic, cultural and regulatory/compliance boundaries.​ Greg has successfully helped executives understand and deliver digital change across global companies such as Thompson Reuters, CitiGroup, RBS, BNP Paribas and General Motors.

Paul Taylor

Research & Product Development

Paul joined Counterpart’s product team to lead development of Counterpart Insight™. He brings 18 years of experience in IT and technical roles, nearly 10 of which were focused on product development, working with start-ups, small businesses, and global organizations. Paul brings a passion to the team for agile dev ops, dynamic process, and the Oxford comma.


Joe Moreira

Solutions, Training & Support

Joe joined Counterpart in 2018 to help with product development and support. Over the last 10 years he has been working in consulting with start-ups, and project management for organizations such as Cognos, Goldcorp, NavCanada, and Plan Canada. Joe has previously worked for many years in support and operations roles in global companies including Business Objects and Crystal Decisions.​

Bev Taylor

Business Governance & Compliance

Beverley joined Counterpart in 2017 with more than 20 years of consulting experience. Since 2006 her focus has been business governance and compliance, with a special attention to regulatory compliance relating to the privacy and security of personal and health information. She worked within companies such as Business Objects, and others within the financial, local government, and pharmaceutical verticals.


Purpose and Direction


We are a visionary company that believes in helping organizations achieve maximum business efficiency through their most valuable asset – their staff.

Through our innovative software solution, real management insight enable companies to achieve greater organizational and business efficiencies.