Transform Your Team's Performance and Deliver Success with Counterpart Insight

Use Insight to help your team reach its maximum potential! Our work management software provides a wide range of effective tools to help you manage your projects, keep track of your resources, and interact with your team. Insight also includes all the tools you need to boost your productivity including task management, resource planning, real-time collaboration, and financial tracking. Explore our features!

Resource Management

Optimize your resource and time management processes with our intuitive work management platform. Insight enables businesses to manage their resources more efficiently and deliver exceptional results with features such as Agile visual planning, intelligent resource scheduling, and powerful resource tracking.

Project Management

Insight is a comprehensive work management platform designed to help businesses streamline their project planning and execution. With powerful features such as dynamic task updates, centralized document storage, risk and issue management, and intelligent resource scheduling, Insight allows businesses to manage their projects more efficiently and effectively.

Programme & Portfolio Management

Insight is a work management platform that simplifies Programme & Portfolio Management. The platform offers features such as Visual Kanban planning, Risk and Issue Management, Pipeline planner, and Configurable project methodologies. It also includes Portfolio budget management, Pipeline management, and Thresholds management to manage resources, capacity, and demand. The platform helps you streamline your programs and projects, making it easier to achieve your business goals.

Goal Management

Manage your goals more effectively with our work management platform, Insight. The platform offers advanced features such as Risk management, Issue management, and visual workload management to align initiatives to business goals. Identify KPIs and assess metrics for goals with our configurable dashboards, providing a quick overview of your goals’ status.

Budget Tracking

Simplify your budget tracking with Insight. Our Work Management platform offers advanced features such as budget forecasting across portfolios, financial tracking across the organization, and financial KPIs and metrics alerts. Insight also supports multi-currency and configurable finance dashboards, making it easy to manage finances and achieve financial goals.


Insight is a powerful work management platform that offers businesses the tools and features they need to collaborate more effectively than ever before. With in-app real-time collaboration, client collaboration, centralized document management, dynamic task updates, and integrations with Microsoft Teams and 365, Insight makes it easy to work together and achieve your goals.

Time Management

Optimize your business time management processes with Insight, our comprehensive work management platform. With features such as agile visual planning, task planning with resource availability, Kanban workload management, and intelligent resource scheduling, Insight helps businesses manage their tasks and resources more efficiently and effectively. It also offers powerful resource tracking, dynamic resource calendar, and active timecard capability, among others.