Project Management Software Trends for the Future

Projects are a key part of every business.

Your success often depends on how well you manage them, which means using project management software. But are companies really getting the most out of their technology?

With so many options and features, finding a platform that fits your needs can be overwhelming.

Changing dynamics in work and the drive to create real value are shaping the future of project management and the trends affecting it. So, what does the future look like?

Trends in Project Management Software

What does the future hold for project management software? Here are some trends every business will want to consider.

Real-time KPIs are essential.
KPIs (key performance indicators) are part of any company’s ability to measure performance. Yet, they aren’t available to most. A survey shows that 54% of organisations lack access to real-time KPIs. What happens when you don’t have them? Projects may end up without the results you expect. When comparing project management software options, look for solutions with real-time KPIs. This feature will help you bring projects to the finish line.

Projects thrive when they’re data-driven.
Data is the new currency for business. When you have it, you’ll have a clear view of how your projects are performing. With these insights, you can then take action. Improve timeline projections, understand how you use your resources, track budgets, capture experiences and more.

How and where you work is different, impacting collaboration.
How the world works has changed. Teams are now more likely to be remote or hybrid, so they need flexible technology to collaborate. The first thing you’ll want is cloud-based software. Additionally, your people need access to real-time information so that you can manage expectations.

Managing people is just as vital as tasks and deadlines.
At the heart of project management are your people. While technology allows you to stay organized, you must also be aware of your team’s needs and workload. This information can be hard to monitor manually. A tool like an integrated resource scheduler can help. You can invite people to the project, assign tasks, and check if they are available.

AI and automation are expanding.
AI makes project management smarter, as it enables automation. When you can automate repetitive, manual work, users will be more productive. They’ll also be able to spend more time on meaningful work and feel less like taskmasters.

Security concerns are on the minds of businesses.
Security is top of mind for any company. When you adopt any new technology platform, you’ll want to review how it keeps data secure and compliant. Ask tough questions about security to have peace of mind.

Project management tools should speed up end-to-end processes.
Project management software supports you better when it streamlines workflows. You should be able to create, plan, and manage in one system. When you do, you’ll have more visibility into projects and often more success with them.

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