Improving IT department key project Management capabilities with a NHS trust


NHS Trust

The case study relates to the deployment and onboarding of a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution for the IT department within a NHS trust


The Trust wanted to improve their key project management capabilities within the IT department. They wanted to streamline projects while having an adequate level of control and assurance on the delivery of their projects. As such, they requested a stage-based lifecycle to control the transitions of their projects with checkpoint reviews and approval gates. This would allow the users of the system the freedom to actively manage project progress and documentation and report the overall delivery.


To be able to meet the key requirements, we needed to understand how the client currently worked and how they managed projects. By sitting with key stakeholders involved we were able to map out their processes prior to the deployment commencing. After a few workshop sessions mapping out key workflow and processes, our team configured the basic elements that allowed the client to start working within the Counterpart Insight™ system. This went hand in hand with role specific training sessions for each team member within the client’s organisation. Even before the system was fully deployed the IT team was able to utilise the system to begin managing projects. As part of the deployment process, we were also able to identify and address the client’s “wish” for a custom feature. The client’s criteria for the new feature was the ability to assess and analyse the feasibility of projects during the concept phase. Thanks to the architecture of Counterpart Insight, we were able to develop and deploy this new enhanced assessment feature quickly and easily

Outcome/ Benefits

Overall, the deployment and onboarding of the Counterpart Insight™ PPM solution, has been a success for RNOH. The hospital was able to improve their key project management capabilities, streamline their projects, and ensure adequate control and assurance on project delivery. This has resulted in significant improvements in project management within the IT department and a positive impact overall for the RNOH Trust.