Reporting & KPIs

With powerful reporting and KPI features, Insight enables you to create bespoke KPIs and metrics. Executive dashboards, dynamic risk and issue reporting, and user-configurable widgets, and one-page reports help you stay aligned with your business goals. The platform also includes advanced project progress and portfolio/program status reporting for real-time insights into business operations.

KPI monitoring

Easily monitor your KPIs and metrics and ensure that they align with your business goals using our powerful reporting and KPI features.

Risks and issue reporting

Our Executive dashboards give you a complete picture of your organization’s performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently. You can identify potential risks and issues with our Dynamic risk and issue reporting before they become major issues.

Configurable Dashboards

Insight provides user-configurable widgets, allowing you to easily tailor your dashboard to your specific requirements. Furthermore, our user-configurable ‘one-page’ reports enable you to present information in a concise and meaningful manner.

Real-time insights

Advanced analytics are used in our project progress reporting and portfolio & program status reporting features to provide real-time insights into your project and program status.