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Counterpart Insight enables you to visualize the big picture and understand all the elements that bring a project together to achieve your goals


Collaboration within an organization can be a struggle, especially now that more of us are working remotely. Counterpart Insight enables you to stay on track with clear customizable dashboards that provide real-time updates of all your initiatives. Establish realistic expectations, clarify goals, reward innovation, and celebrate the teams’ successes publicly.

Increase Productivity

Structure work to suit your team’s needs. Real-time, actionable insight is delivered through customisable reports and dashboards. Identify and address risks with accurate and relevant information, and make the right strategic decisions to keep your work on track.

Effective Resource Management

Managing resources and tasks can be time-consuming at any point in a project. Counterpart Insight Resource Scheduling Tool is integrated with the planning function and will work across multiple projects out of the box. The Integrated Team Builder function allows you to invite resources to tasks and check availability against individual calendars dynamically at the time of scheduling. Plus, dynamic timesheets allow you to keep track of resource schedules, and tasks and update progress.

Efficient Time & Task Management

Find the right resource at the right time, schedule tasks according to your plan, and track your project initiatives from beginning to end. Counterpart Insight provides intuitive tools to help you optimize the time spent planning, tracking, and reporting on all of your projects. Our tools such as dynamic Kanban boards, real-time reports, and integrated timesheets give you added granularity all in one place.

Assign tasks and track progress with clear dashboards or use our intuitive Kanban boards to plan, review, and manage current and upcoming tasks across initiatives.

Explore other roles

Counterpart Insight is a Work Management platform designed to meet the needs of different roles within your organization. Explore how our solution benefits the various roles in your industry.