Time Management

Optimize your business time management processes with Insight. Our platform offers a range of powerful features to help you manage your tasks and resources more efficiently and effectively.

Visual planning

With our agile visual planning feature, you can easily plan and visualize your tasks and resources, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Task planning with resource availability helps you allocate resources to tasks based on their availability and skill set.


Insight also offers Kanban workload management capabilities, allowing you to manage your workload with ease and efficiency. Our AI-based resource scheduling feature ensures that your resources are allocated to the right tasks and projects based on their availability and skill set.

Dynamic task update

Our dynamic task updates function makes sure that everyone is up to date by keeping you and your team informed of any changes to your tasks and projects. You can accurately and precisely plan your activities and resources with the aid of our robust capacity and resource planning function.

Resource tracking

Insight provides robust resource tracking features that let you monitor your resources and make sure they’re being used efficiently. See your resources’ availability with our dynamic resource calendar tool and plan tasks accordingly.


Easily monitor and track the time taken to complete non-project activities by your team members and make sure that you are achieving project deadlines with our active timecard capabilities. Assign resources based on their availability and workload with the aid of our intelligent resource allocation function.