Resource Management

Optimise your resource and time management processes with our intuitive work management platform. Counterpart enables businesses to manage their resources more efficiently and deliver exceptional results with features such as Agile visual planning, AI-based resource scheduling, and powerful resource tracking.

Visual planning

You can easily visualise your projects and tasks and prioritise them using our Agile visual planning feature. Our task planning with resource availability feature ensures that you have the right resources at the right time to complete your projects on time and on budget.


Our Kanban workload management feature assists you in effectively managing your workload so that you can avoid burnout and keep your team members engaged and motivated. You can automate your resource scheduling process and save valuable time and resources by using our AI-based resource scheduling feature.

Dynamic task updates

Make modifications to your tasks on the go and keep track of any adjustments to your project’s timeline thanks to the dynamic task updates offered by our platform. You can efficiently plan your capacity and resources with the help of our robust capacity and resource planning feature, which will help you assign your resources to the proper tasks and projects.

Real-time insights

Our powerful resource tracking tools that enable you to monitor the use of your resources and spot any possible problems or bottlenecks. You can manage your resources more successfully and prevent schedule conflicts with the help of our dynamic resource calendar.


Effortlessly deploy your team and track work with Counterpart. Our platform allows you to assign employees to the right projects and effortlessly track non-project work. Stay on top of your team’s availability and time commitments using our user-friendly live timecards feature, making resource management simple. 

Intelligent resource allocation

Efficiently assign resources to tasks and projects with intelligent allocation. Our platform empowers you to match your team’s availability and skill set to the right tasks effortlessly. With our innovative resource reservation feature, you can easily secure your key resources in advance, ensuring they’ll be ready when you need them them the most.