Optimising resources for Cymbalstream



Cymbalstream provides a wide variety of consulting services, which includes both consultancy and hands on expertise covering all aspects of IT infrastructure design and support. As a company they have to manage multiple projects simultaneously which include hardware and third-party service contracts on behalf of clients.


Cymbalstream handles a number of different projects at any one time, as a result they have challenges with resource management. They also have difficulties, with project management as they oversee transactions for Managed Service Providers (MSP).


After Counterpart conducted a deep dive into both the project and resource management issues. There were many ways in which we could help and support them. Insight’s resource scheduling tool with integrated planning function allowed Cymbalstream to invite resources to tasks and check availability against individual calendars at the time of scheduling. Plus, dynamic timesheets allowed them, to keep track of tasks and update progress. The organisation also manages many projects simultaneously, so seeing the bigger picture is key to their success. Insight™ was able to deliver actionable intelligence through key metrics and KPIs across multiple projects in real-time.

Outcome/ Benefits

By using Counterpart Insight™, Cymbalstream was able to make the right strategic decisions and grow their business. They were able to do this, because through increased work efficiency and actionable intelligence across multiple portfolios.