Counterpart Insight

Counterpart Insight drives business optimisation. Gaining real insights into your projects and initiatives enables your people, allowing them to get more done, faster.

Play to your strengths

Using software designed to meet the needs of different personas enables you to work within your remit to the fullest, and achieve optimum results.

Understand Relevance

Understand the business relevance and impact of your projects and initiatives. Gain real visibility into the cost effectiveness and agility of your projects and how they are contributing to the bottom line.

Combine simplicity with power

Benefit from an intuitive, wizard-assisted approach that delivers optimum results in the shortest possible time.


Counterpart Insight empowers executive teams to achieve a higher impact on initiatives.


Counterpart Insight enables PMOs to successfully identify and deliver the most valuable initiatives.

Project Managers

Counterpart Insight assists project managers in delivering consistently better results in less time.