Bringing standardisation to business process for Convedo



Convedo is a privately-owned independent company that provides Intelligent Automation (Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management, Robotic Process Management) services and solutions to companies, reducing costs, automating business processes and driving business result


At convedo we need a clear view at any time of the work we are doing, what new projects are coming up and what possible opportunities might materialise in the future, so we can both ensure we have the right skills for all of these different demands and cope with the changes in demand


There are lots of products in the market that claim to do parts of this complete picture, and even some them claim to cover the complete picture – but none could meet our requirements and meet our value criteria. Counterpart offered a highly customisable solution covered the multiple dimensions of both a delivery and sales organisation within a consultancy setting, allowing both the simplest and most complex challenges to be both managed and reported in a consistent and flexible structure.


“I was also particularly impressed by the way that standardisation and best practices could be encapsulated in the templates and defaults that the product offers behind the scenes.” Glyn Roberts - Convedo

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