Rate Card

Trials & Proof of Concept


At Counterpart we believe and understand it is important to be able to trial a product prior to purchasing it. This is why we offer Counterpart Insight™ either on a trial basis or via a proof of concept. For more information contact our sales team via one of the methods below:

Cloud – Licensing & Pricing


License Types


Counterpart Insight™ provides three license types. These are Advanced, Management and User.

Advanced License – is designed for Portfolio, Programme and Project Managers as well as System Administrators.

Management License – is designed for Executives, Sponsors and Management. This license provides visibility in to project reports, metrics and KPIs. It also provides the ability to approve projects.

User License – is designed for standard business users to be able to update and track all tasks aligned to them.

Licensing is available to purchase via two methods, Individual or Fixed.


Cloud – Individual Pricing


Our traditional route is per user per month. A 12-month minimum term contract applies. Licenses can be added on a per license basis anytime during the contract period and will be charged pro-rata. Licenses include standard support but exclude implementation and training.

Licenses are charged as follows:

Advanced licenses – £69 per user per month

Management licenses – £29 per user per month

User licenses – £9 per user per month


Cloud – Fixed Pricing


Fixed pricing is available for clients who purchase our pre-packaged bundles. Bundles include license subscription fees, support, implementation and training. They provide customers with a fixed price for the entire term of the contract for added peace of mind.

Clients purchasing fixed price bundles may add individual licenses at any time during the life of the contract and these will be charged pro-rata. A 12-month minimum term contract applies.

Fixed priced bundles start at £5000. Contact a sales representative to discuss your needs.


On-Prem Pricing


Counterpart Insight™ is available for clients requiring on-premise installations. A minimum number of licenses or a site license is required for this option. Clients interested in this option should contact a member of the sales team using the contact methods above.


Optional Items


Custom development is available to clients requiring bespoke Counterpart Insight™ features or enhancements. These can be anything from a bespoke widget through to custom application integrations for third party apps.

Contact a sales representative to discuss your specific requirements.

The rate card in section 4.2 provides pricing in relation to the services we offer.


Consulting Services


General Pricing Approach


Counterpart also offers a wide range of additional consulting services in support of our Software-as-a- Service applications, including but not limited to ‘Hands on’ Consultancy.

We have in-house consultants with decades of experience operating at C-suite level, to advise and help turn your executive vision into a coherent strategy. This strategy can used to plan programs of work and launch clearly defined projects to deliver the executive vision. See table in 5.2 for full list of rates.

Our services listed on the G Cloud may be procured through several ways.

Time & Materials | standard commercial arrangement based on the SFIA rate card for the Services listed on the G Cloud 12 which will involve agreement to provide services and to invoice monthly based on the work done.

Fixed Price | we will agree with the client a fixed price for the services based on an estimate of the work to be carried out, this will be invoiced by instalments based on deliverable milestones.

Fixed Capacity | in this instance the service will be defined up to an agreed fixed number of resources (Core team) for a specific duration and not on the service / project outcome.

Outcome Based Pricing | the services are procured based on the desired outcome expected due to the presence of the service/project deliverable(s).


Business Analysis and Consulting


SFIA Rate Card Pricing is indicative of our daily rates. We require further information and detail to accurately price each offering to match your requirement.  For example, discounted day rates are available for longer term engagements.


SFIA Rate card


Strategy & Architecture Business
Develop Solution & Implement Service
Follow £450 £450 £450 £450 £450 £450
Assist £650 £650 £650 £650 £650 £650
Apply £850 £850 £850 £850 £850 £850
Enable £1000 £1000 £1000 £1000 £1000 £1000
Ensure /
£1500 £1500 £1500 £1500 £1500 £1500
Initiate /
£2000 £2000 £2000 £2000 £2000 £2000
Set Strategy
/ Inspire
£2500 £2500 £2500 £2500 £2500 £2500


Rate card assumptions


  • All rates exclude expenses & VAT.
  • Consultant’s Working Day 8 hours exclusive of travel and lunch
  • Working Week Monday to Friday excluding national holidays
    Office Hours 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday
  • Mileage Standard rate of 45p per mile
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Included in day rate