What is it that we all look for when seeking a new partnership? 

What is it that we all look for when seeking a new partnership, whether that be a friendship, relationship or even a business transaction?  Fundamentally the foundation must always be based on Trust.  

Trust acts as the cornerstone of every relationship, once that trust has been built, all other building blocks slot into place and solidifies a strong working relationship.  This ethos stands true for any team, be it a professional sports team or a leading business, trust is built individually and as a team retrospectively.   

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” 

 – Mother Teresa 

As a team player its crucial to work with many individuals, to develop new ideas, methods, and approaches.  Working together with a collective set of skills, strengthens the wider team.   

Its commonly known that people will only do business with people they trust, as such Business Partners commit to set common goals and targets which then become answerable as a mutual objective. 

At Counterpart we are expanding our route to market, building on the success that we have had working through our shared network, by implementing our new Partner Programme.  

We have learnt that Partnership allows for our joint customers to maximise on the benefits of the channel model.  Allowing us to focus directly on developing our platform to meet the needs of our clients whilst ensuring that our trusted partners meet their business objectives.    

Counterpart’s new strategy is channel focused, we want to build trust with our partners, work in unison and build a strong network of committed partners to work with us and successfully build our brand. 

So why partner with us? Well, Counterpart software solution, Insight™ is a Work Management Platform that unifies your enterprise initiatives resulting in resource optimisation, work efficiency and real-time collaboration.  

Out of the box, we provide a client with a configurable set of tools that can be used to get them up and running within days, providing gains in every area and a return on investment and measurable savings within weeks. 

For IT Leaders tasked with maintaining their organisation’s project pipeline, Insight™ is a Project and Initiative Management platform that aligns projects with a company’s strategic goals. Unlike some of our competitors Counterpart Insight™ aligns projects in the pipeline with the company strategy before they start, this allows organisation’s to make better informed business decisions so the most crucial work can be done immediately. 

Counterpart Insight offers a fantastic partner programme for all of our partners no matter what size business you are ACounterpart we assist you with your onboarding process with sales and technical training, which is available online to ensure you are 100% ready. Both enablement tools will help you close more deals with the knowledge when and where they need it, resulting to an increase in revenue.  

Our dedicated marketing team are ready to collaborate with our partners and work on any joint marketing activities, help deliver and execute marketing plans to meet business goals and revenue targets. We also drive our own internal campaigns through social media to create additional leads to pass onto our trusted partners.  

As a trusted advisor you will have reliable support to guide you through the project lifecycle, guidance on sales qualification to help your sales identify customers’ pain points and qualify opportunities properly, participation in product demonstrations and customer visits and a complete end to end service by making each touchpoint simple seamless and relevant. 

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself – Henry Ford. 

For more information go to: Partners | Counterpart or contact: Manjit Rai– Head of Channel Sales & Alliances – e:manjit.rai@counterpart.com 

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