Intuitive Work Management Platform That Works For You

Streamline and unify your organisations initiatives and simultaneously optimise resources in real-time.

Getting to the top can be tough!


  • Rapid deployment of projects

  • Optimisation of valuable resources

  • Increased agility, visibility and control

  • Effective insights delivered real-time

  • ROI connected to business strategy

See How Our Work Management Platform Works

Go from ideas to actions with Counterpart Insight™

At Counterpart Solutions, we share our expertise and passion to give you software solutions to optimise operations, improve efficiency and save money to enable your business to reach its goal.

Our software products streamline and unify your organisations initiatives and simultaneously optimise resources in real-time collaboration. This includes; transparent reporting, task management, budget tracking, resource management and project management, enabling you to improve efficiency across multiple teams and projects.

Key Benefits

Easy to deploy and use

Create new projects within minutes, with our easy to use step by step wizard.


Create reports in minutes

Easily create and distribute reports to sponsors, stakeholders and executives.


Time saving

Reduces administrative burden associated with managing one or more projects.


Advanced resource management

Reserve resources now and in the future with insight into availability to optimise resource utilisation.


What is a Work Management Platform

What is a Work Management Platform and How can Counterpart help you? Well, to put it simply, it is a set of digital tool that enable organisations to effectively plan, manage and report its initiatives and projects. Better planning, management and reporting enable organisation to make informed stratigic decisions, improve business efficiency to save time and budget.

Manage your data in a scaleable and secure manner

Flex up, down and across your organisation as you grow, with the added security of real-time cloud backup.


Increase productivity through enablement

Help your team work more collaboratively and efficiently using less time and with fewer resources.


Holistic view of actionable insights

Focus on taking action through real-time project management data whilst there’s still time to make an impact.


Intuitively reduce delivery times and cost

Increase alignment, accuracy and effectiveness by delivering the right information at the right time for business optimisation.