Insights Driving Efficiencies​

Our cloud-based software, Counterpart Insight, provides actionable intelligence and methods to help you direct your business initiatives and build organisational capability more efficiently. ​

​Persona-configurable features appeal to Executives, PMOs and Project Managers alike in their respective desires to align programmes and initiatives with key business objectives. ​

​We focus on enabling: success through simplicity; productivity through enablement; control through visibility; and efficiencies through insights.

Holistic view of actionable insights

Focus on taking action whilst there’s still time to make an impact, through real-time data management and alerts

Manage your data in a scaleable and secure manner

Flex up, down and across your organisation as you grow, with the added security of real-time cloud backup

Intuitively reduce delivery times and cost

Increase alignment, accuracy and effectiveness through an innovative system that delivers the right information at the right time

Increase productivity through enablement

Provide employees with the right insights to act on the data, and make a real difference on-the-go in a faster, smarter and stronger way

You can do it your way

Customise input/output according to your specific needs, and be notified of what you really want to know, whilst automatically benefiting from integrated features that bring scope, budget and schedule together